DIY Nail Art Decoration Nail Laser Star Paper Sticker 4*100cm 4 Color Selection

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Color:as the picture show
Size: 4*100cm
1. Prepare the required nail polish and tools, trim the nails and polish the nail face, brush on the bottom oil and light the lamp for 60 seconds.
2. Brush on black nail oil, dry. For color full and brush again, light 60 seconds.
3. Put the blue-green star sticker on the top of the surface, with the hand press, using the floating glue in the middle finger affixed to the star sticker.
4. Follow the same method to complete the Rose Red Star sticker.
5. To make the pattern fuller, use the same method to paste the star sticker on the slit
6. Follow the same method to complete the design of the ring finger and thumb. Then in the index finger and pinky back edge brush on the jewelry, stick to the jewelry, to dry. Finally, brush the oil and finish it!
Package :1 * Nail Sticker