Glove Microflex 93-260 Chemical Resistant, X-Small

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Features and Benefits:

  • Made with a unique, 3 layer design that provides reliable protection when handling hazardous chemicals
  • Thin design allows for greater tactility and dexterity than most light duty chemical gloves (7.8 mil palm thickness)
  • Extra soft material and ergonomic design ensure greater comfort
  • Silicone free formulation helps protect surfaces treated with coatings, paints, or primers
  • Manufactured and tested to high standards of quality (low 0.65 AQL for pinhole defects)

Microflex 93-260 is a thin, teal colored, chemical resistant disposable glove that protects against a wide range of acids, bases and solvents. Its unique, 3 layer design consists of a soft interior, a ?exible middle layer and a durable exterior that work together to resist tough chemicals. For those who need light duty chemical hand protection, dexterity and tactility while doing automotive repair work, maintenance work, and paint jobs, Microflex 93-260 often represents a better, more comfortable option when compared to thicker, heavier chemical gloves that offer similar levels of chemical protection.