Portable Electric Lady Shaver Bikini Eyebrow Shaper Eyebrow Shaver Trimmer(pink)

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This product safety, practical, and delicate portable, dispense with one pull with eyebrow clamp, both pain and not convenient
Pink colour will be supplied with silver trim
Can help you easily clip brow, facial hair, ears, and arms, legs and tiny redundant hair
For both men and women

How to use?
The use of electric scraper
The battery is at bottom aluminum tube of the located the product.
Please pull the aluminum tube, you can a AAA out install battery.
Before use, please moisten hot water, hair removal site, about 1-2 minutes. with
After use, please timely spread lotion.
After use, clean the and it in a dry product place. place
When not use for long time, remove the battery.