Race Sport H9 LED Headlight Conversion

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5000K Kelvin on Light Spectrum>1800 Lumens>25 Watts Running Power>2-3 times further vision that standard Halogen bulbs>High Lumen LED Headlight>Provides up to 1800LM light>30,000 hour lifespan
This kit uses LED bulbs that, when combined with our ballast/driver, create nearly three times the light output (1800 lumens) compared to a traditional halogen bulb. The most amazing part is that it makes this light with less than half the electricity. This system is a major automotive breakthrough! Combine that with the fact of instant on full power ilumination makes this set ideal for high beams as well as low beams. LED's make very little heat, have a constant low power electrical draw, tolerate over voltage up to 24 volts and are compatible with computer controlled headlight circuts. 5K color output is pure white for maximum visibility in all conditions. This system is built to last 30,000 hours of use which makes them posibly the last set of headlights you will need for any vehicle. Bulb includes micro fan and is vibration resistant. Ballast/driver is IP 65 rated waterproof. Plug and play installation on all vehicles that use the bulb type specified by the MFR. System uses Cree LED bulbs from the world wide leader in LED lighting