The Mag Lead

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Features and Benefits
  • Very helpful for automotive reference points and troubleshooting
  • Can eliminate the need to hold probes while checking or monitoring a signal
  • Two high power, low resistance magnets hold the probe to the lead
  • Fits almost all Digital Multimeters and can be used with hand-held scopes too
  • Get the Mag Lead, it stays put and won’t fall off, like alligator clips do!
Need to stick to a good ground or test point? Get the Mag Lead, a great new product. Mag Lead features a magnetic disconnect near the test probe end. Just disconnect the test probe and you can stick to any metallic ground or test point. This is a time saving tool - if you don’t have to walk to your tool box to retrieve your alligator clips, even on just half the occasions, then you’ve saved time. Quit fumbling with alligator clips that fall off - Mag Lead’s powerful magnet will hold tight!